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Staff Selection Commission (SSC) CHSL Sample Test Paper
No. of Questions: 50
Combined Higher Secondary Level

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If ‘OPTICAL’ is coded as ‘1234567’ and ‘LOGICAL’ is coded as ‘8914567’, how is ‘TOPICAL’ coded?

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ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 mission aimed to explore which part of the Moon?

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Choose the word that best completes the sentence: “His argument was ___; it was based on facts and logical reasoning.”

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Syllogisms: All books are pages. Some pages are covers. Conclusions: I. All covers are books. II. Some books are covers.

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Baking soda is a common name for which compound?

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A square and a rectangle have the same area. The rectangle’s length is 20% more than its breadth. If the side of the square is 30 cm, find the dimensions of the rectangle.

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Choose the odd one out: Triangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, Cube

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The length and breadth of a rectangle are increased by 20% and 30% respectively. What is the percentage increase in the area?

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A and B can complete a task in 10 days and 15 days respectively. They start working together, but after 4 days B leaves. In how many more days will A complete the remaining work?

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Blood Relations: If A is the brother of B, C is the father of A, D is the sister of E, and E is the daughter of B, how is C related to D?

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Statement and Assumption: Statement: “Use XYZ brand detergent for longer-lasting clothes,” an advertisement. Assumption: A) XYZ brand detergent is better than other brands. B) People want their clothes to last longer.

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Cause and Effect: If heavy rain causes flooding and there is flooding in the city, what can be inferred?

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Cause and Effect: Heavy rainfall led to flooding in the region. The government has announced relief measures. What can be inferred?

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The ‘Battle of Hydaspes’ in 326 BC was fought between Alexander the Great and which Indian ruler?

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The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 18 cm. Find its area.

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In a certain code, ‘RIVER’ is written as ‘IVRER’. How is ‘OCEAN’ written in that code?

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A man sells two watches for ₹2000 each. On one, he gains 5% and on the other, he loses 5%. Find his total gain or loss percent.

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Which hormone regulates the sugar level in the blood?

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A cylindrical tank of radius 5 m and height 2 m is filled with water. What is the volume of water in the tank in cubic meters?

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The area of a parallelogram is 180 cm², and its altitude is 15 cm. Find the length of the base.

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If 35% of a number is 175, find 50% of the number.

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‘Gross National Happiness’ is a measure of development used by which country?

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An article is sold for ₹816, gaining 20%. Find its cost price.

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A shopkeeper marks his goods 20% above his cost price and gives a discount of 10%. What is his gain percent?

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The radius of a circle is increased by 20%. Find the percentage increase in its area.

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Assumption in Argument: “To improve productivity, our company should implement flexible working hours.” What is the assumption?

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The ratio of the speeds of two trains is 3:4. If the second train runs 400 km in 4 hours, find the speed of the first train.

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The Battle of Plassey, which laid the foundation of British rule in India, was fought in

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Identify the correct passive form of: “People speak English all over the world.”

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In a ΔPQR, if PQ = QR and ∠PQR = 100°, find ∠QPR.

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Passage for comprehension: “The Baroque period in art is known for its elaborate and detailed style. This era saw dramatic use of light and color, emphasizing motion and contrast.” – What characteristic defines the Baroque period according to the passage?

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Input-Output: If a machine inputs ‘cat’ and outputs ‘d3t’, and inputs ‘dog’ to output ‘e4g’, what will be the output for ‘fish’?

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The ‘Chipko Movement’ in India drew significant inspiration from a similar movement in which country?

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A train moving at 60 km/hr overtakes another train, half its length, moving in the same direction at 40 km/hr in 30 seconds. What is the length of the first train?

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Passage for comprehension: “Financial literacy is crucial in managing personal finances effectively. It includes understanding how to budget, save, invest, and manage debt.” – According to the passage, what is included in financial literacy?

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Assertion and Reason: Assertion (A): It is necessary to have a passport to travel abroad. Reason (R): A passport is a proof of one’s nationality.

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The ‘Kambala’ is a traditional buffalo race held in which Indian state?

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A cube has a total surface area of 216 cm². Find the length of one side of the cube.

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Direction Sense Test: Raj walks 10m north, then turns west and walks 5m, then turns south and walks 10m. How far is he from his original position?

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Statement and Conclusions: Statement: All mangoes are sweet. Some sweet things are sour. Conclusions: I. Some mangoes are sour. II. No mango is sour.

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Find the error in the sentence: “Neither of the solutions works.”

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Alphabet Test: In a certain code, ‘A’ is written as ‘Z’, ‘B’ as ‘Y’, ‘C’ as ‘X’, and so on. How is ‘KILL’ written in that code?

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Solve the analogy: Pen is to Write as Brush is to:

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Identify the correctly punctuated sentence:

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Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion describe

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Critical Thinking: If a law is passed that requires all public transport vehicles to be electric by 2030, which of the following is an implied outcome? A) Reduction in air pollution. B) Increase in electricity consumption. C) Decrease in public transport fares. D) Unemployment in the petroleum industry.

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The ratio of milk and water in a 30 litre mixture is 7:3. How much water should be added to make the ratio 3:7?

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Data Sufficiency: To calculate the area of a rectangle, which of the following information is necessary? 1) The length of the rectangle. 2) The width of the rectangle.

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The ‘Pattachitra’ style of painting is native to which Indian state?

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‘Megasthenes’, who wrote the ancient Indian account ‘Indica’, was an envoy to the court of which Indian ruler?

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