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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude?

The General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude, also known as Paper 1, is the first paper of the UGC NET exam. It is designed to assess the teaching and research capabilities of the candidates, which are considered essential attributes for anyone pursuing a career in academics or research. We have prepared an Advanced Level question paper with the most updated questions.

All candidates who are appearing for the UGC NET examination must take this paper. It is a compulsory paper regardless of the subject specialization of the candidate.

What does the UGC NET mock test series subscription include?

The subscription to our UGC NET mock test series provides you with access to a wide range of mock tests that are designed to replicate the actual exam pattern. Depending on the duration of your subscription (3, 6, or 12 months), you can practice with different sets of questions prepared by our expert faculties, focusing on the most expected questions and topics.

How are the question patterns prepared for the mock tests?

Our expert faculties, who have in-depth knowledge of the UGC NET exam pattern and syllabus, carefully prepare the question patterns. They focus on creating the most comprehensive and expected questions that might appear in the actual exam, based on the latest trends and previous years’ question analysis.

Can I access the UGC NET mock tests anytime?

Yes, once you have an active subscription, you can access the mock tests anytime, 24/7, using your registered credentials, from any device with an internet connection.

What are the topics covered in the General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude?

The paper typically covers a range of topics including teaching aptitude, research aptitude, comprehension, communication, mathematical reasoning and aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation, information and communication technology (ICT), people, development and environment, and higher education system.

Does the syllabus provided by MyEntrance.in include the latest updates?

Yes, we ensure that the syllabus information provided on MyEntrance.in is up-to-date, incorporating the latest changes and revisions made by the NTA.

What kind of mock tests does MyEntrance.in offer for UGC NET aspirants?

We offer a variety of mock tests for both Paper 1 (Teaching and Research Aptitude) and Paper 2 (subject-specific), designed to give aspirants a real exam feel with questions crafted as per the UGC NET syllabus.

Are there explanations provided for answers in the mock tests?

Absolutely. Each mock test comes with detailed explanations for all the answers, enabling you to understand the reasoning behind the correct choice.

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